Lollipop Butterflies!

Lollipop Butterflies!


Sugar Cookie Decorating (Ages 2 and up)
Decorate a jumbo sugar cookie with colorful candies and frosting.
You can make animals, funny faces, or anything you wish.

Candy Airplane (Ages 4 and up)
Build and airplane out of candy.
Decorate the wings with stickers and markers.

Candy Lego (Ages 4 and up)
Use your imagination to build with candy Legos.
You get to eat what you build.

Candy Jewelry (Ages 5 and up)
Create your own candy necklace. 
Choose your own colors to design a delicious accessory.
You can wear your jewelry home...if you don't eat it first!

Sugar Art (Ages 5 and up)
Use colorful sugar and candy to fill tubes.
Layer colors and flavors to create sweet sand art.

Lollipop Butterfly (ages 4 and up)
Build a butterfly using a lollipop for the body
and colorful cut out of wings. Decorate with stickers and markers.


Pin the Gummy Bear (Ages 2 and up)
A candy twist on pin the tail on the donkey.
Try to pin clothes and costumes on the gummy bear.

Candy Coloring Page (Ages 2 and up)
Use crayons and markers to color a fun page.

Licorice Limbo (Ages 3 and up)
The Limbo you know and love with a sweet twist.

Sweet Shop Bingo (Ages 4 and up)
Just like regular Bingo, but instead of calling out numbers,
we'll call out the names of candy!

Freeze Dance (Ages 3 and up)
Dance to the sweetest tunes, but be
sure to freeze when we stop the music.

Bubble Blowing Contest (Ages 5 and up)
See who can blow the biggest bubble.

Jelly Bean Tasting Contest (Ages  5 and up)
Try to guess different flavors of Jelly Bellies.

Candy Hunt (Ages 7 and up)
The sweetest scavenger hunt ever.  Answer riddles that will lead you to discover candy!